What is Panzura?

Panzura optimizes enterprise data storage management and distribution in the cloud, making cloud storage simple and secure. Panzura’s revolutionary global cloud storage solution seamlessly combines the flexibility, performance, and productivity benefits of distributed storage with the manageability, security, and cost benefits of centralized storage, overcoming fundamental “administrator vs. user” and “budget vs. performance” conflicts. With Panzura, data location no longer affects usage.

What is Hybrid Cloud NAS?

Hybrid cloud NAS functions like the enterprise NAS in your data center and appears to applications and users like a standard Windows file share. However, unlike traditional NAS which is limited to a single location, hybrid cloud NAS spans offices around the globe. It’s more than just a gateway or a file distribution solution. It’s a “NAS in the sky” that uses the cloud to simplify infrastructure and reduce costs, but with local NAS-like performance. Plus, by combining advanced snapshot techniques with the availability and reliability of cloud storage, backup and disaster recovery process can be eliminated.

Panzura Case Studies