Complete BIM Implementation, Management & Modeling Services to Drive Project Success

As building regulations and requirements become more complex, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming all the more critical for successful project delivery. From increased design efficiencies, streamlined workflows, improved collaboration and project management and reduced project costs, the benefits of BIM are clear. Yet, implementing and truly maximizing benefits of this technology can be a daunting task for any organization.

Leveraging industry best practices, Microdesk’s consulting team ensures you are able to successfully integrate BIM technology throughout the entire project lifecycle. Microdesk’s BIM services cover every aspect of planning, design, construction and operations and maintenance to ensure design, construction and operations and maintenance models are more compelling, effective and efficient.

BIM Implementation

Let us plan and drive successful integration of technology, process and training

BIM Management & Support

Take your BIM teams to the next level through strategic coordination.

BIM Modeling

We can do the heavy lifting on the most complex BIM tasks.